How to choose the best construction quoting software

Making a positive first impression is never more important than in business, especially for a residential builder asking clients to invest a significant amount of trust and money.  

Demonstrating your track record is vital. But standing out from the pack with a professional, accurate, and easy to understand quote is so often the difference between winning and losing the job. 

It’s what your prospective clients expect and what you need to deliver. 

And to be competitive, you also need to be quick in today’s fast-paced, tech-driven environment. To help you achieve accurate and professional quotes in a fraction of time, your best bet is investing in construction quoting software. 

What is construction quotation software?

Construction quotation software for the residential builder is a tool that takes information from your estimate and automates the expected costs, in line-by-line detail, including overhead and materials costs, in one document. Accuracy is critical because the quote, once signed, is considered a binding agreement to start work. 

Fluctuations in material costs mean quotes typically have an expiration date. With building quotation software, any updates can be made quickly and precisely. 

The benefits of construction quotation software

Are you tired of spending time doing your takeoffs, estimating, and quoting by hand, Word or Excel?  Not to mention the back-and-forth communication with subbies and suppliers? There is a better way, and quotation invoice software can help by speeding up your process from job inquiry to winning the job. 

Here we’ve outlined the key benefits a quotation builder software solution brings to your business: 

Higher win rates:  you’ve heard the term “the early bird gets the worm.” This applies when getting your quote to the client first. Speed up your quoting time by adding construction quotation software to your business and increase your chances to win more work ahead of your competition.

Fewer errors and more accuracy: the odds of mistakes in your quote increases if you’re doing them manually or in multiple programs. Using construction quotation software offers a more accurate quote, even when material prices change because it’s all automated. 

Buildxact for me, means faster more accurate takeoffs, and better quality information to our customers allowing us to win more work,” says Bryce Parker – Director, Bryce Parker Homes 

Streamlined communication: quoting a construction project requires a lot of external communication for accurate pricing. Quotation software will help you manage the RFQ process with your subs and suppliers.

Showcase your brand: construction quotation software allows you to generate a beautifully branded and customisable quote for a professional first impression in front of your clients.  

“One of the things that makes me stand out is being able to provide a professional quote to my clients – Buildxact does that for me,” says Phillip Ouzounis, owner of Zounis Constructions. “Buildxact is an easy system where I can do all my costings and it’ll make it into a professional, itemised quote. Clients want to see a detailed quote when they’re going to be spending a lot of money.” 

Professional and organised presentation: earlier, we mentioned you only have one time to make a first impression. Your detailed quote is one of the most critical documents to win the job. Compare your manual or current quote to an automated construction quotation software quote — and the accompanying documents — and we bet you’ll consider the move to a quotation builder software. 

Construction quotation software features you can count on

For residential builders, the quote, once signed and accepted by your client, is the binding document to start work on a project. As such, the features of construction quotation software should be robust enough to handle all the details, yet simple enough not to overwhelm you or your clients. 

Balancing hands-on work at the building site with your equally important admin and project management responsibilities can be a tricky mix to master. Luckily, Buildxact can reduce your workload and to help you keep on top of everything. 

Here are some of the features that make Buildxact the number one quotation invoice software choice for builders like you. 

Takeoff to quote: create accurate quotes using information directly from your takeoffs and estimate. By entering in data once, you’ll have peace of mind that the numbers are accurate from takeoff to quote.  
When I’m quoting with Buildxact, I’m not there sitting there with papers and rulers and crap everywhere  – it’s just a simple process of doing your takeoffs from the plans you’ve uploaded,” says Phillip Ouzounis, owner of Zounis Constructions.

Pre-formatted quote template: look for construction quotation software that has pre-formatted and templated quotes with all the detailed specifications, images, and line-by-line-item breakdownsIn Buildxact you can create customisable quote to impress your clients and win more work. You can easily update the quote without the need for a graphic designer or creative design skills.

Simplified RFQ process: cloud-based construction quotation software like Buildxact, allows you to submit one request to multipletrades and suppliers, making it a cinch to price shop. You can also keep track of who has quoted on your inquiry and view and accept their response. 

Accounting integration: never miss a beat and keep track of your financials from quote to invoice with quotation invoice software. Connect to your accounting software(e.g. Quickbooks, Xero, MYOB)and staff time tracking programs like Deputy, reducing administration time and increasing accuracy through to your final invoice.

Choose Buildxact – the best quoting and invoicing software

Quoting your projects doesn’t have to be difficult, nor does it need to take days. Run your residential construction business smarter, win more work and save time by investing in construction quotation software. 

Save yourself the time to search and try Buildxact, cloud-based building quotation software specifically designed for the residential builder.  

Are you ready for a better way to quote your projects? 

Learn more, start a 14-day free trial, or book a one-on-one demo with one of our team members today.