The easiest way to get started with construction scheduling software

Have you ever completed a residential construction project EXACTLY as you’d planned it? With so many dynamic factors at play – people, processes, materials, logistics, unforeseen problems, weather – even the best laid plans and schedules need space to evolve.  

Detailed coordination is key, and when one stage of a project experiences a delay or unexpectedly shifts ahead of schedule, it impacts each phase that follows. This “domino effect” caused by insufficient scheduling can be costly. 

Unfortunately, some builders, trades and renovators  have developed a poor reputation due to these avoidable errors. But materials shortages and high demand for builders are also leading to homeowners being told to expect their building or renovation project to take longer, and cost more, than they originally estimated.   

The scheduling “situation” isn’t only frustrating for homeowners. Time inefficiencies are costly for contractors too. Like most builders, you’re likely carrying added costs from overtime/second shifts on most of your projects due to schedule slippage.  

Tackling the problem of wasted time

You may be surprised to know that many builders still aren’t using project management software like Buildxact to plan and keep track of things like scheduling, invoicing and expenses. 

 If you’re among those looking for small contractor construction scheduling software that will help bring efficiency and visibility to your operations, you’re in the right place.  

Getting started with construction scheduling software 

Start by using construction scheduling software, like Buildxact and create a critical path construction schedule. Building this type of detailed plan will outline all the tasks, timelines and resources necessary to complete the project; and will specify what gets done, when. 

An effective construction project schedule details: 

  • What construction activities are to be completed 
  • How long the activities will take to accomplish, start-to-finish 
  • What resources – materials or personnel – are required to complete the activities 

In other words, plan your work, work your plan. 

What are the benefits of construction project scheduling software? 

Every builder wears many hats and is looking for ways to manage their projects more efficiently.  

Taking the time to properly define your plan sets you on the path to a successful, on-time build. So when you have concurrent projects on the go, with future builds set to follow, managing your schedule and deadlines is paramount. 

 The benefits of construction project scheduling software include: 

  • Fewer surprises:  A well-planned project using construction project scheduling software helps to eliminate the element of surprise. Working through the fine details before the start, helps to prevent last-minute- changes and gives you more control over the project outcome.  
  • More quality control: Project quality and therefore, client satisfaction, only gets better with a well thought out schedule. Using construction project scheduling software allows advance planning to ensure that the right materials are on-hand when they’re needed. 
  • Improves planning and productivity:Construction project scheduling software helps to organise resources like labour, financing, and equipment more efficiently, so everyone involved in the project — from subbies and labourers to suppliers — can collaborate to better plan their activities and complete each phase of the project on time. 
  • Decreases risks:  Ensuring the safety of everyone on your worksites is vital in any project. Using scheduling software lets you see who on your team – as well as any subbies you’re collaborating with – needs to be on-site on any given day. This makes planning for protective measures and any safety equipment you’ll need to eliminate avoidable worksite risks. 
  • Quickly adapt to disruptions: It always pays to expect the unexpected in construction – whether it’s major challenges like poor weather, client changes of mind, or staffing and logistical issues. Using construction project scheduling software will allow you to create contingency plans, respond to unexpected disruptions, and communicate any sudden changes quickly without relying on others to keep everyone updated and on the same page. 

Why home builder scheduling software is a must-have 

Convinced and ready to get started creating your project schedules using software? Here are the top features to consider when looking for your construction project management scheduling software: 

Better resource allocation: A preview of how your team is tracking — employees and subbies — using a scheduling software for construction teams gives you more control to better allocate resources.  

Real-time detail tracking: Residential construction scheduling software offers a bird’s eye view of each project phase and the opportunity to prepare a comprehensive schedule, make as-needed updates, and track progress at a glance or view the step-by-step specifics along the way. The flexibility of Buildxact’s project scheduling software makes it possible to connect dependent activities, add new items and maintain a precise plan. Colour-coded progress tracking makes it easy to see how each phase of your project is advancing. 

Detailed reporting: scheduling software gives you the power to generate as much or little data as you need. Easy to read Gantt charts of your schedule enable you to view the progress or final project reports, which give insight into how well your project has performed on cost, manpower, and your profitability.  

Efficient project modeling: Construction estimating and scheduling software allows you to use repeatable project templates, which makes it possible for you to execute planning more efficiently. Once you’ve saved a project schedule, Buildxact allows you to use that same schedule as the model for future projects of the same type. For instance, once the schedule for a townhouse build is complete, that same timeline can easily be used again to guide similar projects in the future.  

Communication efficiency: Collaborating and communicating with subbies, suppliers and your employees is made easier with construction project scheduling software with automated reminders that can be sent via email or text message. 

More control: With Buildxact, developing your project plan can  ̶   and does  ̶  start with the estimate.  While creating your estimate you can select which items should be part of the build schedule; doing so enables you to work more efficiently and, organise and save all project details in one location. 


Buildxact provides a better scheduling solution (and then some!) 

Our cloud-based construction project scheduling software helps to bring transparency to every job, optimise resources and create efficiencies that help building professionals to avoid common (and costly) scheduling mistakes. 

Buildxact enhances communication and project collaboration among team members, and with partners. Easy-to-access, real-time schedules and alerts allow users to monitor progress, address hurdles, make updates and connect dependent tasks to build each project phase automatically. 

“All documents for every project are in one location and there’s great integration of information between myself from an estimating point of view to a project manager on site,” says Bryce Parker of Bryce Parker Homes. “My quoting time for projects has dramatically reduced, and the fact that we’re sending out purchase orders now for everything is great.”  

More than just a powerful scheduling tool, Buildxact’s comprehensive construction management software enables residential building and remodeling professionals to: 

Still have questions?  

We’ve made it easy for you to do a deep dive and get all details about each of these Buildxact features and functions. Visit our video tutorial page to see firsthand how to put Buildxact to work for your business. 

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