This is a summary of our feature releases and general enhancements. Note that the list does not include bug fixes or maintenance operations.

Version 2.2.3 – 25/June/2018

Version 2.2.2 – 7/May/2018

Version 2.1.14 – 13/February/2018

  • Ability to split a recipe into various costing categories (WEB-693) (click here for more info)
  •  Schedule “completed” box (WEB-755) (click here for more info)
  •  Added rounding option for final estimate figure, ability to round up to the nearest dollar (WEB-774)

Version 2.1.13 – 24/January/2018

  • Be able to load estimates from Excel (WEB-753) (click here for more info)
  • Drag and drop reordering for all list areas (eg: invoices, variation items) , and have the printed versions be in the same order as the screen versions. (WEB-732)
  • Timesheets via the integration with Deputy (WEB-741) (click here for more info)

Version 2.1.10 -1/December/2017

Version 2.1.9 -14/November/2017

  • Better handling of PC and PS items (WEB-691) (click here for more info)
  • Added insurance notes to the contractor export function to enable  (WEB-725) (click here for more info)
  • Enhanced displaying of Cordell data, including expanded summaries of what is included in the cost (WEB-716)

Version 2.1.8 -17/October/2017

Version 2.1.6 -15/September/2017

Version 2.1.5 – 7/September/2017

  • Supplier/Contractor phone number to appear on the purchase/work order (WEB-674)
  • Show original contract price next to new contract total on variations (WEB-672)
  • Ability to export contractors or suppliers (WEB-657)
  • Alerts when duplicate supplier reference numbers are used (WEB-680)

Version 2.1.4 – 30/August/2017

  • Ability to save schedule templates and drop them (or any part of them) into any job required (WEB-658) (click here for more info)

Version 2.1.2 – 8/August/2017

Version 2.1.0 – 12/July/2017

Version 2.16 – 2/June/2017

Version 2.15 – 2/June/2017

  • Purchase orders default to the supplier linked to the price list that is used in the estimate (WEB449)

Version 2.13 – 16/May/2017

  • Invoice statement for cost plus jobs (WEB326)
  • Enhancement to the way the “magnifying glass” search section works (WEB434)
  • Ability to transfer the job number to a tracking category in Xero (WEB474)
  • Display breakdown of total estimate value in the jobs>costing>actual section (WEB493)

Version 2.12 – 4/May/2017

  • Addition of gross profit display to the job section (WEB459)
  • Number of the takeoff search list (WEB459)
  • Auto fields in quote letter (WEB515)
  • Variation hyperlinked in costing to the variation details (WEB492)
  • Added a cost column in the estimate list (WEB315)

Version 2.10 – 4/Apr/2017

  • User experience enhancement, highlighting unit costs (WEB377)

Version 2.08 – 23/Mar/2017

  • Ability to display on-screen estimate value with/without GST (WEB296)
  • Received invoices watermark the word “Received” (WEB411)

Version 2.07 – 17/Mar/2017

  • Making dependencies on the schedule more logical (WEB424)

Version 2.06 – 7/Mar/2017

  • Enhancement to estimate/job search (WEB285)
  • Enhancement to supplier loading process (WEB393)
  • Integration with Cordell pricing data (click here for more info)

Version 2.05 – 23/Feb/2017

  • The requote button was added to the new version (WEB196)
  • Dual expense accounts for purchase orders to accounting software (WEB369)
  • Documents/notes linked between estimates/jobs (WEB144)
  • Enhancement to the way wastage is shown (WEB360)

Version 2.04 – 16/Feb/2017

  • Ordering logic applied to plan list (WEB340)
  • Change of default tool for LM to line tool (WEB347)

Version 2.03 – 8/Feb/2017

  • Enhancement to the way recipes save mid-estimate (WEB287)
  • Ability to attach invoice summaries to emails (WEB319)

Version 2.02 – 25/Jan/2017

  • Budget vs Actual job report updated (WEB208)
  • Enhancement to email attaching (WEB142)